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I am a sculptor [ BFA NSCAD | MFA Yale ] and a student of HH Penor Rinpoche and now HH Karma Kuchen Rinpoche. 

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“Thus, it is taught that all phenomena are neither empty nor non-empty. This is due to existence, nonexistence, and again existence. This then accords with the Middle Way.”
from “Analysis of the Middle and the Extremes”, from the English translation of the Chinese translation of the Madhyānta vibhāga-bhāṣya from Sanskrit by Xuanzang 玄奘 (602–664).

The seven necessities of life : rice, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, oil, tea and wood.    |    開門七件事:柴米油鹽醬醋茶    |     [ Sung Dynasty ]

There is still a difference between something and nothing, but it is purely geometrical and there is nothing behind the geometry.    |    Martin Gardner [ 20th century ]

“A consistent anarchist must oppose private ownership of the means of production, and the wage-slavery which is a component of this system, as incompatible with the principle that labor must be freely undertaken and under the control of the producer.”    |    Noam Chomsky [ 20th century ]