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RT @aeonmag: Might nature’s bottomless pits actually be ultra-efficient quantum computers? That could explain why data never dies. Archive pick @skdh

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RT @dpanikkar: A Lady in a Garden in a Fortress Town. Alwar, 1760. Sotheby's.
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RT @dpanikkar: Portrait of Akkanna. Golconda, 1677. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris. @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio

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RT @7homaslin: Congrats to IAS director @RHDijkgraaf, whose @QuantaMagazine column was selected for this year's "Best Writing on Mathematics" anthology edited by @MPitici and published by @PrincetonUPress: Good choice picking this terrific column:

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RT @MKapoorOfficial: Portrait of the Mughal Emperor Muḥammad Shāh and the the minister Iʻtimād al-Dawlah Qamar al-Dīn Khān.
From Anand Ram Mukhliṣʼs presentation copy of his Kārnāmah-i ‘ishq ʻBook of Affairs of Loveʼ
Artist: Govardhan II, c1735
British Library Collection
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RT @QuantaMagazine: A pivotal new proof shows that symmetries of higher-rank lattices can only act on a constrained set of geometric spaces.

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'twas the Night before Christmas - new music by Alma Deutscher via @YouTube

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RT @dpanikkar: Nizam Ali Khan, Aristu Jah & Sikandar Jah. Venkatchellam, 1800. SDMA. @DalrympleWill @ambrin_hayat @WhiteMughalsFan

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RT @AIDSPol: A quick, dirty, & shocking update on China's censorship and surveillance situation. Note: 1. They are cultivating thought leaders in every country to support it 2. They sell their program to 30+ countries 3. Just read it, omg cc @karaswisher

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This page lists the major Israeli banks, all of which are significantly involved in supporting the illegal settlements, and international banks which have been identified as linked through share ownership to these Israeli banks :

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RT @oldromephotos: A young Cy Twombly in front of ‘one’ of emperor Constantine’s right hands at the Musei Capitolini, Rome, 1952. #CapitolineMuseums:

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RT @ahencyclopedia: A bust of a #bodhisattva, Kucha, Kumtura (Xinjiang), #China. 6th-7th century CE. (Musée Guimet, Paris).

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RT @intifada: Around 290 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the year, more than 50 of them children

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RT @dpanikkar: Shah Jahan. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, circa 1656-61. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
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RT @thesilkroad: Maiji Mountain in Tianshui, Gansu Province of China.

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RT @ssharadmohhan: @DalrympleWill From @metmuseum
Out for an evening stroll on a Paliquin? "Sunset in a Garden" 1730, by Chitarmam II.
#Mughal Emperor Mohd Shah 1st.
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RT @Chemburstudio: Prince Muhammad 'Azim ush-shan,son of Bahadur Shah I, leading a prayer assembly in a marble mosque.18th century,at V&A
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RT @incunabula: The Buddhist Digital Resource Center has joined with Internet Archive to put most of their collection online. This represents the most complete record of the words of the Buddha available in any language plus many millions of pages of related commentaries.

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RT @archaeologyart: Fresco inside the Terrace Houses, #Ephesus, Anatolia

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RT @ggreenwald: A very good @maureendowd column on how Washington's worst people - literally - ae exploiting the Trump era to whitewash their own heinous history and re-brand themselves as stalwart defenders of democracy and truth for big media platforms & liberal crowds

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RT @Chemburstudio: portrait of a court falconer @britishmuseum 16 th century,safavid, @dpanikkar @DalrympleWill @PunjabiRooh @PropitiousOn3 @WhiteMughalsFan @ambrin_hayat @AhmedSikeena @HesperusThinks @Reenu1966 @garam_cha @mukhoty @OnlineMythIndia @cmfap @hemantsarin @bhabani79 @IAmSudhirMishra

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RT @intifada: You can now watch all four episodes of the censored Al Jazeera documentary on the US Israel lobby.

Episodes 1 & 2:

Episodes 3 & 4

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RT @dpanikkar: Detail: Shah Shuja Departs for Kabul. Murar, 1656. Padshahnama. Royal Collection Trust.

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RT @dpanikkar: Shah Shuja Departs for Kabul. Murar, 1656. Padshahnama. Royal Collection Trust. @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio

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RT @dpanikkar: Working the Fire. School of Mir Kalan Khan. Lucknow, 1780. via Sotheby's. @DalrympleWill @ambrin_hayat @Chemburstudio

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RT @Chemburstudio: The Lover Rides His Horse Far into the Pond to Let Him Drink,presently at Philadelphia Museum Of Arts,c 1800,MP.
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RT @dpanikkar: Retweet. Shah Jahan by Payag. Met. Guess where Payag put his signature? @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio

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