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RT @archaeologyart: Temple of Apollo #Didyma – #Didim, Aydın, #Turkey. Aerial Photo. #Didyma was famous throughout the ancient world as the place where a colossal temple of Apollo stood, and the oracle revealed the future.

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RT @RareHistorical: Queen Mandodari mourning the death of Ravana. Bas-relief,9th century Prambanan Temple,Indonesia #UnescoWHS

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RT @dpanikkar: The Arhat Kanakabharadvaja. Tibet, 16th Century. Christie's. Thangka fragment.

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RT @fermatslibrary: Amazing drawings of Platonic Solids by Leonardo Da Vinci circa 1509. Da Vinci removed the sides in order to reveal the complete structure of the polyhedrons. The vertices and edges illustrate the artist’s graphic genius.

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The Born Rule Has Been Derived From Simple Physical Principles

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RT @PicsSilkRoad: Buddha with disciples (Mogao Cave 45, Tang Dynasty). Dunhuang, China, Silk Road. #silkroad #NGSilkRoad

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Johann Sebastian Bach – Bach: Concertos pour trois pianos et orchestre, BWV 1063 & 1064 (Mono Version) #NowPlaying

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RT @jasonhickel: In this brilliant 2007 article Utsa Patnaik dismantles the official poverty statistics for India, and concludes that rural poverty is actually around 87%.

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RT @wiavastukala: Elaborate details of the dome of a Gandharan Vihara
[After Foucher]

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RT @ggreenwald: Don't worry. This time it's being done with a totally nice and benevolent heart.

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RT @aldaily: “This age has always displeased me.” Petrarch cultivated a crotchety reputation to keep visitors away and his focus on the distant past

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RT @archaeologyart: The #Pazyryk #Carpet, the oldest known surviving carpet in the world, 5th century BC. #Scythian #HermitageMuseum. View – Read More:

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RT @reiseyatra: Siddhartha at the Bodhi tree | Gandhara, 2nd to 3rd C CE

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RT @PicsSilkRoad: House of Neptune and Amphitrite. Herculaneum, Italy, Silk Road. #silkroad

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RT @India_Atelier: Janamastami celebration at court of Iswari seen
Ascribed to Sajnu, Mandi
1 Bhadra, samvat 1865
August-september 1808


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RT @ssharadmohhan: @DalrympleWill On Aurengzeb's death son Mohd #AzamShah proclaims himself as the 10th #Mughal on 14th Mar 1707 in #Gujarat & #Malwa at #Ahmednagar but is killed on 8th June 1707. Tomb: Humayun Tomb #Delhi
This painting from @V_and_A
C1680 is pre coronation
@India_Atelier @mukhoty

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RT @rosaclemente: 26 Billionaires in the world have more money than 3.8 billion people combined. yeah so I am standing with @AOC when she correctly said that it is immoral that less than 30 people have more wealth than half the world’s population.

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RT @archaeologyart: Gold garland of ivy and berries. Late classical period, 4th-3rd century BC, #Greece.

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RT @JAJafri: A Kirman Silk Prayer Rug
S E Iran, late 19th C
"a single cypress tree flanked by hoopoe birds, with heavily laden pomegranate trees to either side"
"design most likely stems from earlier 'Tree and Flower' Mughal carpets produced in #Kashmir in the 17th C"

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RT @KLeela_K: Socrates Room

Ephesus Museum, Selçuk-İzmir


@archaeologyart @HeritageWorlds

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RT @Chemburstudio: @hemantsarin @Zeelaf01 @dpanikkar @DalrympleWill @PunjabiRooh @PunchTantrum @farida_art @Reenu1966 @OnlineMythIndia @PropitiousOn3 @ambrin_hayat @WhiteMughalsFan @karachiahab @abhiertigibbet @AhmedSikeena @AmberMDarr @JAJafri @SmitaRays @metmuseum @shada_islam @bombaywalee @India_Atelier @durgajasraj @nistula @IAmSudhirMishra @SupriyaUnniNair @HesperusThinks @SupriyaJaan @MsBodhiTree @cmfap @VaishaliNarkar @Kavin_07 Romantic Dara Shikoh with his consort
1633 presently @mfaboston
Attributed to Balchand @ssharadmohhan @mukhoty @garam_cha @VaishaliNarkar @tuhfatulhind @kunalrkapoor @Soofinama @ansari_shiza

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RT @Chemburstudio: Abul Hasan Qutb Shah,1680 presently at V&A
@dpanikkar @DalrympleWill @PunjabiRooh @cmfap @OnlineMythIndia @WhiteMughalsFan @ambrin_hayat @PropitiousOn3 @AhmedSikeena @AmberMDarr @abhiertigibbet @tuhfatulhind @SmitaRays @HesperusThinks @Pushback_stream @hemantsarin @nistula

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RT @ssharadmohhan: @DalrympleWill From Archibald Swinton collection, now in @NtlMuseumsScot c1750 painter #Bhavanidas titled "Mohammed Shah Rangila Hunting for Cranes with Hawks"
Simple yet realistic display of arrangements.
@India_Atelier @mukhoty @_mwaseem_ @katherineschof8 @dpanikkar

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Three Decades Later, Mystery Numbers Explained via @QuantaMagazine

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RT @thesilkroad: There is a ceremony conducting in Langmu Temple, Luqu County, Gannan Tibetan Prefecture, Gansu Province of China.

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RT @ArmaOrientalis: The Diamond Sutra, the earliest surviving woodblock-printed book preceding the movable type of Bi Sheng & printing press of Johannes Gutenberg, dated 11 May 868 AD during Tang China, discovered by Aurel Stein in 1907 at Dunhuang, China, now in the British Library. #DiamondSutra

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RT @amy_gansell: Ghandaran Buddha and Bodhisattva, Pakistan 2nd-3rd c. CE @KreegerMuseum #AsianArt #Buddha

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How Britain stole $45 trillion from India @AJEnglish

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