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RT @artinsociety: Bronze Age Minoan frescoes, about 1600 BC, at Akrotiri, preserved by layers of pumice and ash from devastating volcanic e…

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RT @archaeologyart: Hellenistic mosaic floor panel of an Alexandrine parakeet from #Pergamon (Anatolia) 2nd. century BC #Pergamon Museum, #…

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RT @tzoumio: Akragas (Agrigento),the temple of Omonoia (Concordia) from above.Valley of the temples,Magna Grecia.

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RT @KhenpoRinpoche: Join the Enthronement of #Yangsi Rinpoche, the Reincarnation of Ven. #Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche on October 31, 20…

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RT @DisinfoEU: All you need to know on how politicians & governments of the world approach the dangers & opportunities of digital #disinfor…

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RT @PropitiousOn3: A Sikh Nobleman Holds a Falcon, Punjab Hills, Mandi or Jammu, circa 1830-40 #MiniatureArt Sotheby's

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RT @QuantaMagazine: The Quanta Magazine site is back up and our exclusive, in-depth profiles of the 2018 Fields Medal And Nevanlinna Prize…

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You can make a real difference in Aye's Group’s life. Join me on @Kiva

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RT @dpanikkar: Muhammad Shah Rangeela with Courtiers, including Asim Khwaja Samsam ud-Daula Khan Dauran. Chitarman II, 18th Century. Bodlea…

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The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature via @QuantaMagazine

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RT @marcuschown: In the 1930s, the biggest weapon the Nazis had was disbelief that anyone would do such things. We now know what people are…

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RT @Hiddenheritage: @PicsSilkRoad Picture of a Jain tirthankara. Near a village called Gadelna, Ashok Nagar district, Madhya Pradesh state,…

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RT @ByzantineLegacy: This is a Flickr photo album of Theotokos Pammakaristos (Fethiye Mosque). The museum (parekklesion) is currently being…

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RT @SpookyQuantifex: Our efficient new method for certifying high-dimensional entanglement is out now in @NaturePhysics, advanced online ve…

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RT @LiveHIndia: On 31 July 1607, the Mughal emperor Jahangir ordered his son Prince Khurram to be weighed against gold and silver and other…

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RT @fermatslibrary: In 1937, Dirac formulated the hypothesis that the strength of gravity is inversely proportional to the age of the unive…

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RT @Chemburstudio: Babur Receives a Courtier @FreerSackler by Farrukh Beg c. 1580,borders of a Rawżat aṣ-ṣafāʾ page, @dpanikkar @DalrympleW…

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International media launch ‘call for information’ with support for whistleblowers – WikiTribune

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Quantum Questions Inspire New Math :

- 36 days ago

Money as a System-of-Control - YouTube : Andreas M. Antonopoulos :

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RT @PicsSilkRoad: Buddhist Monastery of Takht-i-Bhai. Mardan, Pakistan, Silk Road. #silkroad #NGSilkRoad https://t.

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Some very, very good news : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @Ocasio2018

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RT @GandharaConnect: A few nice pictures of Gandharan sculpture in the collection of the Corfu Museum of Asian Art

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RT @KenRoth: Canada should admit the asylum seekers who helped @Snowden in Hong Kong without waiting for Hong Kong's possible rejection of…

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