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RT @DalrympleWill: The Palace Singers Detail of Maharaja Abhai Singh Watching an Evening performance By Dalchand 1725 Now at the Peacock i…

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RT @fermatslibrary: All the following symbols and notations were introduced by Gauss

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RT @BDSmovement: Palestinian medic #RazanNajjar was shot & killed by Israeli snipers in the besieged Gaza Strip as she provided medical aid…

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There Are No Laws of Physics. There’s Only the Landscape. via @QuantaMagazine

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RT @ancientanatolia: Metiokhos and Parthenope, third century, Gaziantep, #Zeugma mosaic museum, Anatolia. Our Photo Sponsor:

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RT @PaulMMCooper: I fell down a bit of a ruins research rabbithole today, thought I'd share some of my weird journey. It started with this…

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RT @LiveHIndia: The paintings on the lintel of Ajanta Cave no. 17 (5th century CE) in #Maharashtra shows the seven mortal Buddhas who have…

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RT @dpanikkar: Asad Khan, Grand Wazir to Aurangzeb. Mughal, 1665. Simon Ray. @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio

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RT @dpanikkar: Raja Chait Singh of Benares. Kishangarh, 1780. Sotheby's. @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio

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RT @reiseyatra: Train stops | Srirangapatna, circa 2015

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RT @AsherT: It is our responsibility to ensure the unknowing public becomes knowing - and that they understand crypto is not some new age h…

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RT @ambrin_hayat: #Nawab Shaista Khan was #Mughal #empress Nurjahan's #nephew. He was the Subahdar of #Bengal @britishmuseum c.18th https:/…

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RT @ambrin_hayat: #Mughal #Empress Nurjahan's #brother and Empress Mumtaz Mahal's #father, this is Abul Hassan Asif Khan the #PrimeMinister…

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RT @idp_uk: Today marks the 1,150th anniversary/"birthday" of the British Library's beautiful printed copy of the Diamond Sutra (Or.8210/P.…

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RT @LiveHIndia: #DoYouKnow Peepal is the oldest depicted tree in India. A Mohenjodaro seal (2500 BC) conventionally represents Peepal as th…

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RT @greekhistorypod: Graeco-Buddhist art: The Gandhara connection—The entanglement of Graeco-Roman and Indian Buddhist culture is well refl…

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RT @fermatslibrary: Here's a design in case you want to build an Irrational Numbers Wall Clock

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RT @DNeilSchmid: Excavation & conservation to increase in 2018 at Takht-i-Bahi, #BuddhistMonastery, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa #BuddhistArcheolog…

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RT @ambrin_hayat: #Mughal #Princess #Zebunissa was #Emperor #Aurangzeb's daughter and an accomplished #poet.

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RT @PicsSilkRoad: A minai pottery bowl, 13th century. Kashan, Iran, Silk Road. #silkroad #NGSilkRoad

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RT @DelhiHeritage: Beautiful rock cut statues of Jain Tirthankars in the foothill of Gwalior Fort.

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RT @RobGMacfarlane: Word of the day: "dryad" - a spirit of the trees or forests, as - in Greek mythology - an "oread" is a spirit of the mo…

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RT @GettyMuseum: In an usually meticulous style for Rembrandt, the artist created a series of drawings depicting emperors and courtiers fro…

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RT @India_Atelier: Battle of Lanka 'siege of Lanka' Series by manaku @WhiteMughalsFan @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar @PunjabiRooh @mukhoty

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RT @India_Atelier: Angada take crown of ravana 'siege of Lanka' Series by manaku @WhiteMughalsFan @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar @PunjabiRo…

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RT @DieHoren: Odysseus was melting into tears; his cheeks were wet with weeping, as a woman weeps, as she falls to wrap her arms around her…

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Edward Witten Ponders the Nature of Reality | Quanta Magazine "Information, Physics, Quantum"

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RT @PropitiousOn3: Camel, 17th century or later, Iran, unknown artist, #MiniatureArt Portland Art Museum

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RT @HeritageWorlds: Marble relief with a dancing maenad, 27 BC-17 AD, Metropolitan Museum, USA..

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