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RT @India_Atelier: Battle of Lanka 'siege of Lanka' Series by manaku @WhiteMughalsFan @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar @PunjabiRooh @mukhoty

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RT @India_Atelier: Angada take crown of ravana 'siege of Lanka' Series by manaku @WhiteMughalsFan @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar @PunjabiRo…

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RT @DieHoren: Odysseus was melting into tears; his cheeks were wet with weeping, as a woman weeps, as she falls to wrap her arms around her…

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Edward Witten Ponders the Nature of Reality | Quanta Magazine "Information, Physics, Quantum"

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RT @PropitiousOn3: Camel, 17th century or later, Iran, unknown artist, #MiniatureArt Portland Art Museum

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RT @HeritageWorlds: Marble relief with a dancing maenad, 27 BC-17 AD, Metropolitan Museum, USA..

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RT @mukhoty: @dpanikkar @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio And I raise you *two* gents, from kangra n Chamba, eyeing each other ov…

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RT @LiveHIndia: More than 1200 years ago, the Kailashnath Temple located at Ellora, #Maharashtra was carved straight from a cliff of volcan…

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Forensics Helps Widen Architecture’s Mission

- 9 days ago

Mathematicians Explore Mirror Link Between Two Geometric Worlds via @QuantaMagazine

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RT @atalbrave: A #Schit Head of a #Bodhisatta ancient region of #GANDHARA, 3rd/4th CE.

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RT @metmuseum: Tara, who worked primarily during the reign of Sarup Singh, maharana of Mewar, often employed formal perspectival devices to…

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RT @dpanikkar: Words Were Exchanged. Rasamanjari Series. Nurpur, 1710. VMFA. @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio

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RT @matthew_d_green: Facebook is what Google would be if Google was stupid.

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RT @IndiaHistorypic: 2300 Years Old ( 3rd century B.C ) Ring Stone , Taxila The Inner Face of This Stone Is Finely Carved In Low Relief…

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One of Estonia's first "e-residents" explains what it means to have digital citizenship via @QuartzAtWork

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RT @ancientanatolia: Fresco inside the Terrace Houses, #Ephesus, Anatolia.

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RT @DilliKiRanaiyan: The beautiful painted ceiling of Lakshmi temple Orchha

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End Julian Assange's isolation / Poner fin al aislamiento de Julian Assange - Sign the Petition! via @Change

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Dark Harbour Dollar: Dulse on Vimeo

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RT @alfiedotwtf: Putting key space security i perspective

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RT @ZB_Nezha: Ancient stone carvings in Varadaraja Temple. Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

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RT @LNstats: #LightningNetwork 1,323 nodes 2,216 channels 5.443 BTC capacity 972 public nodes 748 nodes with channels 222 channels opene…

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RT @aantonop: The CLOUD Act passed. It destroys privacy globally, so it had to be snuck into the $1.3 trillion omnibus without debate. En…

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A Cypherpunk's Manifesto

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RT @VilfoRouter: “Smart & flexible VPN solution” - PC för alla

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RT @matthew_d_green: If I was advising politicians on Facebook-type privacy issues, I’d recommend laws requiring the use of cryptographic m…

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RT @QuantaMagazine: The echoes of gravitational waves bouncing off black hole firewalls may be hiding in LIGO’s data.

- 34 days ago

Ur-Fascism | by Umberto Eco | The New York Review of Books

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