Five Nereids

img_4043aPanopeia (Πανόπεια) img_4042aKymodoke (Κυμοδόκη)
img_4041aThaleia (Θάλειά) img_4039aNesaie (Νησαίη)
img_4040aSpeio (Σπειώ)

Virgil, Aeneid 5. 825 ff (trans. Day-Lewis) :
“Lightly skims the dark-blue chariot [of Poseidon] over the sea’s face: . . . then come his retainers . . . on the left are Thetis and Melite and maiden Panopea, Nesaea, too, and Spio, Thalia and Cymodoce.”

· Panopeia (Πανόπεια) The Nereid of the sea’s “panorama.” (Hesiod, Homer, Apollodorus, Hyginus, Virgil)
· Kymodoke (Κυμοδόκη) The Nereid of “steadying the waves” who, with her sisters Amphitrite and Kymatolege, possessed the power to still the winds and calm the sea. (Hesiod, Homer, Hyginus, Virgil)
· Thaleia (Θάλειά) The Nereid of the “blooming” sea. (Homer, Hyginus, Virgil)
· Nesaie (Νησαίη) The Nereid of “islands.” (Hesiod, Homer, Apollodorus, Hyginus, Virgil)
· Speio (Σπειώ) The Nereid of the sea “caves.” (Hesiod, Homer, Apollodorus, Hyginus, Virgil)